Is the COVID Vaccine safe for fertility treatment

FAQs on COVID Vaccination and Fertility treatment

Since the vaccination came in for COVID 19 various questions have been raised regarding its use infertility treatment. The use of the vaccine during pregnancy has been limited hence no large studies have been done. However evidence is pointing to more benefits than risk in these situations. All women and men in reproductive age group should get vaccine irrespective of whether they are planning a baby or not

What is the effect of COVID vaccine on fertility?

There is no effect of the vaccine on fertility. It has not got any impact on reproduction or the hormones affecting reproduction

Can the COVID vaccine be taken during the fertility treatment –like IVF IUI?

It can be taken during any type of fertility treatment . However, since the vaccine may have side effects like fever and bodyache it is better to time it at least a week apart from the date of a procedure like egg pickup, embryo transfer, or IUI

Should I delay my fertility treatment?

The only advantage would be that you are vaccinated if you get pregnant. However this is a disadvantage if your egg quality is falling, you have low AMH, or are above 35 years. The results of fertility treatment may get compromised by delay

Do I wait after COVID vaccination for my fertility treatment?

No you do not. You can take second dose along side unless you wish to take your second dose before pregnancy

I am going for my beta HCG today, if positive can I still plan to take COVID vaccine?

There is no risk of vaccine in pregnancy as none of the vaccines have a live virus. Although there are limited studies of impact of vaccine on pregnancy you can go ahead and take the vaccine Animal studies have not shown any adverse effect on pregnancy, embryo/fetal development, or subesequent development of baby.  The benefits of the vaccine outweigh any risks identified as of now

Can an egg donor take the COVID vaccine?

Yes egg donors and sperm donors can go ahead and take the vaccine Currently there are many dilemmas regarding efficacy – specially on how long does the effect last and when should booster be given. Also with new mutant strains arising how effective is this vaccine is a question. However it has been known to prevent severe disease in 70 – 95 %.

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  1. When to take the vaccine while the treatment is going on is the biggest confusion among the people. By reading this Blog people can come to know about this, Good information is given in this Blog. Keep posting the Blogs like this.

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