Infertility Treatment Why To Choose Us-IVF India

Infertility Treatment Why To Choose Us-IVF India

It is headed by Dr Surveen Ghumman Sindhu who has been internationally trained at Cleveland clinic and Manipal University. It has a dedicated team which works at global standards and hence has been able to give outstanding success. The excellent clinical acumen combined with latest diagnostic facilities leads us to an accurate diagnosis.

State of the art facilities

‘The Fertility Clinic – IVF Solutions’ being the best IVF centre in Delhi, has options for all kinds of infertility treatments like IUI, IVF, ICSI, blastocyst culture, laser assisted hatching, Donor sperms and oocytes, surrogacy, and vitrification. The IVF center have the state of art equipment and all available techniques of ART. Besides this all laparoscopic and hysteroscopic infertility surgeries are done here. We also run a recurrent pregnancy loss clinic. It is one of the best test tube baby clinic in Delhi.

Individualizing Treatment:

The success of the treatment depends on a understanding of reproductive endocrinology. Dr Surveen Ghumman has written 5 books on the subject. With the depth of knowledge and experience in the subject we are able to appropriately diagnose and individualize treatment of each patient and this effort and time spent in analysis optimizes results. We then, offer the most appropriate treatment to the couple keeping both the cost and results in mind. No patient is batched with the other.


We believe in counseling the couple and looking after not only their clinical needs but also their emotional doubts and apprehensions before, during and after the treatment. We lay stress on this because we know that infertility is a condition which takes an enormous toll on the person suffering from it. Not many realize, that the most energetic, productive years get spent in getting oneself tested repeatedly and undergoing inappropriate treatment which leads to an emotional, financial and physical toll which translates into a negative impact on their marriage, profession, health, self esteem and relationships. Hence, these patients require all the support and counseling which can be given. Our low costs helps to relieve the financial burden which these couples carry, at the same time helping them to realize their dreams of a child.

Evidence based decisions & Transparency

Evidence based decisions are taken along with lessons learn from experience in the field. We make sure that complete knowledge of what is being done is given to the couple along with the success rates, other options and cost. At each step the patient is informed about the progress. The outcome of all procedures is documented and shared with the patient.

Following Guidelines

All treatment is per Indian Council Of Medical Research guidelines and government rules. Consent forms would be in the language understood or an interpreter services are hired.