IVF Process – Step by Step

IVF Process

IVF process consists of 6 steps

1. First step in IVF – Stimulation of Ovaries to yield a number of eggs: This is done with injections of gonadotropins. They are started on day 2 of cycle and growth of follicle is monitored by ultrasound. The size of follicle reflects the maturity of the egg. Usually follicles of 17 mm or more will have mature eggs

2. Second step in IVF – Retrieval of eggs (oocyte) – Once follicle has reached mature size the eggs are retrieved through the vagina under ultrasound guidance with a needle which suctions out eggs.

3. Third step in IVF – Preparation of semen – It is done with media to remove dead sperms and other cells making the sample consist of good motile sperms.

4. Fourth Step in IVF – Fertilization with sperm – There are 2 ways of doing it. One is conventional IVF where prepared semen is added to the dish with eggs and natural fertilization is aimed for by overnight incubation. Alternatively, intracytoplasmic sperm injection can be performed where one sperm is injected into one egg.

5. Fifth step of IVF – Fertilization check and embryo development – Day one after 20 hours fertilization check is done to see how many eggs have fertilized. Subsequently on day 2, 3 and 5 one checks the number and quality of embryos.

6. Sixth step of IVF – Embryo transfer – Good quality embryos are transferred either on day 3 or day 5. This is done with a thin catheter into the uterine cavity under ultrasound guidance.

Extra embryos are frozen for later use.