God Is With The Patients 

“A baby in a couple is not mandatory. if you want one at this point why not adopt one”. Said my gynecologist of the United States. True, he did say true. However, mentalities and realities are different in Africa, where eyes are all open on the woman who can not conceive in marriage.
So we traveled the world for a chance to conceive. For 5 years we visited multiple gynecologists. We made round trips from France and the United States. For 5 long years, we did surgery after surgery, and wipe the failure of one in vitro.
And yet it did not stop us. God is with the patients.

Internet searches speak of India as having  rates of success in terms of in vitro fertilization. Also Friends native from India did searches and reassured us. So we make this distant country our next destination.
The appointments are taken. Air tickets are bought. 13 hours flight and here we are on the other side of the planet.
We met Dr Surveen at Max care hospital Pancheel Park the same daye we arrived in Delhi.  Simple and humble people very welcoming and smiling. We are already reassured by the positive attitude and responsiveness.
After analysis and exams, the diagnosis is clear: an ICSI after 3 months of treatment and a return to India 3 months later.
Our second trip. Prayers and hope accompany us. Dr. Surveen planned the IVF in a manner that saved our time in India. The entire team was behind me with encouragement.
We flew back home safe. 14 days of prayers in fear and anxiety. Our state of mind is simply indescribable. Finally, the day of the bloodshed arrived and the result illuminated our hearts.

Dr. Surveen, It took us 6 years and more than 10,000 kilometers further for God to put you on our path. Our son is now 9 weeks handsome and healthy.

The whole world should be aware of the tremendous work you and your team have accomplished to make this process successful. You have a high success rate in IVF and are one of the best IVF doctor in MAX hospital and India
You have put in our arms this little treasure, this angel. You have put in our hearts a restorative balm forever. You have put in our lives the joy of being parents. May the good Lord keep your hands healthy forever.  May he blessed you with long life with heath for you to keep practicing  soo well. We simply wish you the best!
Our warm thank you to Mohit, Rita, Sofia.

Fatouma and Cheikh
Senegal/west Africa