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All About Semen Analysis

How do you know that your sperm count is normal? Any count above 15 million /ml or 39 million per ejaculate is normal If semen is 2.5 ml and sperm count per million is 20 million then per ejaculate there are 50 million sperms. Hence the volume also is of

PCOS and IVF | PCOS in Delhi

When Can The Problem of PCOS Start?

It can start as early as adolescence or before. It usually is a lifetime disease and does not go away. However, it can be controlled and symptoms can get better with life style changes and treatment from a good fertility expert who has experience in reproductive endocrinology. How to get

Low Cost IVF in Delhi | Know more about IVF Is Natural Cycle IVF Your Best Option

Is Natural Cycle IVF Your Best Option

Many factors come into play while making a decision on what kind of treatment to give – keeping in mind couples time commitment, medical need and financial factors. At The fertility Clinic – IVF Solutions we ensure the patient a minimum emotional, physical and financial burden without compromising on the