IVF Treatment that converts Impossible into Possible

Today, we discuss how people start to think something is impossible. Actually, it is in human nature. If on repeatedly trying anything we fail, we start to think it is impossible. This happens on many occasions in different situations. One such situation is, in the case of IVF if a woman has an infertility problem, she may have tried all ways and procedure without success. This leads to her thinking it is impossible and gets her depressed. But there is The Fertility Clinic- IVF Solutions which makes impossible into possible in such situations. Today we tell you about a real success story of IVF in Delhi.

Success story: 

Vaishali, a school teacher in Gurgaon had infertility for 5 years since her marriage to Amit. She had gone from doctor to doctor and procedure to procedure but was not successful. The lack of a child became a cause for depression. IVF did once lead to a pregnancy in the tubes, ectopic pregnancy. Her second IVF was done. Uterus lining was thin and could not take the pregnancy. Dr. Surveen Ghumman went in depth into what could be the reason and she diagnosed tuberculosis of the uterus after a biopsy. After the second IVF, she did not transfer the embryos after the IVF as she knew they would not implant on a thin lining which was infected with tuberculosis. Embryos were frozen. She put her on medicines for 6 months to cure tuberculosis. Then she did a special procedure known as ‘endometrial scratch” with which she caused a minor injury to the uterine lining. This released some proteins which helped in the growth of the lining. She also used other recent therapies like instilling a growth factor in the uterus. The lining grew well in this cycle and embryos were transferred in the uterus. Following these latest treatments, Vanika conceived. She has delivered a healthy baby boy.


It requires a fertility expert to have the knowledge and experience to diagnose and treat conditions and to take the right decision on when to transfer embryos. The fertility expert should be abreast of all new treatments so as to use them in their practice to get good results.

From the many IVF or Test Tube Baby Clinic Delhi The Fertility clinic – IVF solutions, stands apart because of the international standards followed, the good success rates, regulated protocols and individualized treatment.


The Fertility Clinic – IVF Solutions is the best IVF centre in Delhi, India.  It is headed by Dr. Surveen Ghumman Sindhu who has been internationally trained at Cleveland clinic and Manipal University. To know more, you can visit their website at www.ivf-india.co.in.

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