Diagnostic Services

To save on time, effort & money, patients must go through certain tests to understand what treatment plan would be best suited to them.

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In order to successfully treat your fertility issues, we first have to pinpoint the cause. One of the first steps that we will take on this journey together is uncovering the root of your infertility. Once we have a diagnosis, we will create a personalized, detailed treatment plan to address our findings.

Did You Know?

Nearly 27.5 million couples actively trying to conceive suffer from infertility in India.

Treatment Protocol


It is an important part of assessment of the male. We do an advanced semenalysis where we measure the count, motility and morphology. The semen is given by the male partner and tested immediately. We have in house facilities of a separate semen collection room. Semen analysis is the first and basic test of the male. It not only tells us about the quantity of the sperm but also about the quality and fertilizing potential.

Egg Reserve Tests

These tests diagnose if there is deficiency of eggs in a woman. Anti Mullerian Hormone (AMH) is a blood test which if low denotes that a woman has less eggs and is towards the end of fertility. An ultrasound is done to count the number of follicles (Antral Follicle Count). We decide on aggressive treatment if the woman has a low egg reserve.


This is done to check the patency of the tubes as well as get an idea of the uterine cavity. Around the 6th to 8th day postmenstrually a dye is inserted in the uterine cavity with the help of a cannula. Then X ray pictures are taken and spill of the dye through patent tubes is recorded on X ray.

Transvaginal Follicular Monitoring

It is done transvaginally and involves a series of ultrasounds to see growth of the follicles and endometrium. It helps in identifying the time when the egg is mature in order to do IUI or egg retrieval in IVF. It involves a process of serial ultrasonic monitoring of the ovarian follicles that helps in identifying egg maturation status.

Diagnostic Laparoscopy & Chromopertubation

This is done under general anesthesia and a laparoscope connected to a camera can visualize the tubes ovaries and uterus. A dye is passed through the uterus and its spill is noted from the tubal opening. This tells us if tubes are patent.

Diagnostic Hysteroscopy

A camera via a hysteroscope is introduced into the uterine cavity and any abnormality like polyp adhesions fibroids are seen and can be operated on.

Hormonal Tests

Various hormones tell us about the status of the ovaries. This includes follicle stimulating hormone, luteinizing hormone, thyroid, prolactin, AMH. All these hormones are done at a single place.

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Our Success Story

I came to Dr Surveen and was pregnant with twins after the first in vitro cycle thanks to Dr Surveen. I have referred her name to many friends who have unfortunately faced the same difficulties that my husband and I faced in the past.

After many years of infertility we met Dr Surveen and on meeting her, her positivity gave us instant hope. We put our trust in her and knew that somehow she would help us overcome this incredible battle.

During the period of 6yrs we had lots of struggle & approached so many gynecologist but got no fruitful result. We tried 3 cycles of IUI but failed. we were very much disappointed from everywhere.

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