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    The Fertility clinic – IVF solutions is one of the best IVF Centres in Delhi providing infertility, surrogacy and test tube baby treatment. Advancement in In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) has lead to Assisted reproductive technologies giving good success rates which has resulted in more and more infertile couples adopting this as a form of treatment. IVF India is becoming the choice of many because of globally comparable success rates. The laboratory quality controls are stringent thus bringing forth many international patients for test tube baby in India. From the many IVF or Test Tube Baby Clinic Delhi The Fertility clinic – IVF solutions, stands apart because of the international standards followed, the good success rates, regulated protocols and individualized treatment. Dr. Surveen Ghumman Sindhu has been internationally trained at Cleveland clinic and Manipal University. She has over 23 years of experience as faculty at tertiary care hospital and medical colleges in Delhi. Her vast knowledge and experience manifests in the 5 books she has written on infertility, two of which have been internationally published. She is recognized in academic circles and is invited as faculty for national and internal conferences. She insists on evidence based medicine which has helped many infertile couples and this is what makes this centre one of the best In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) centres in Delhi, India.

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Fertility Options & Pregnancy in Early Menopause or Premature Ovarian Failure

Introduction: Menopause is the natural cessation of ovarian function, when estrogen production decreases and menstruation ceases. Normally, menopause occurs between 42 and 56 years of age. However, approximately one percent of women under the age of 40 develops early menopause, also called premature ovarian failure (POF). The Female Reproductive System: The monthly menstrual period is

Steps of In vitro fertilization (IVF)

By Dr. Surveen Ghumman Sindhu: In vitro fertilization (IVF) is an assisted reproductive technique that involves fertilization of the oocyte (egg) by sperm outside of the woman’s body. The embryos are cultured in sterile plastic dishes. IVF was initially developed for patients with absent or damaged fallopian tubes. It is now offered as treatment for

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    The cost of ivf treatment in India varies according to the etiology, any complications, procedure required and age of patient.

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    Pamela, New York

    I want to thank Dr Surveen and their staff at the clinic who have supported us in our dreams in having a baby. If you are wanting to...