Surrogacy/Donor Eggs or Sperms

In some cases, one might need donor gametes due to their quality. Surrogacy might be needed if the patient’s womb cannot house an embryo.

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Egg Donor

Egg (oocyte) donation is required when a woman has reached premature menopause, or has a very poor egg reserve. It is often taken as an option where the mother has a genetic disease and does not want to pass it on to her child. In our clinic, one donor is dedicated to one patient. There is no egg sharing from a single donor and the patient gets all the eggs of her donor. All our donors are under 30 years of age to ensure good quality of eggs . They have at least one child and hence are fertility proven. Screening of an eligible donor is done This includes AMH test and ultrasound to assess the number of eggs she will yield also ruling out any gynecological disease. A general health checkup and screening for viral infections, sexually transmitted diseases, Thalassemia , and blood group, Other comprehensive tests eg. Hormonal evaluation, blood sugar, complete haemogram, Rubella status and kidney and liver function tests. We ensure complete confidentiality of donor cycle.

Sperm Donor

The indication of using Donor Sperm is Azoospermia (nil sperm count), Very low sperm count and motility, Single women desirous of pregnancy or men with a genetic disease they do not want to pass on to the child. Donor Sperm is available from Donor banks. These sperms are obtained from young healthy men who have been medically tested and all infections ruled out. The sperm is matched with height, skin colour, eye colour, blood group and any other desirous parameter.


Surrogacy is a boon to those couples who are unable to bear their own genetic child. It helps those women who have an absent or scarred uterus or have a medical condition like severe heart disease or kidney disease where pregnancy could be hazardous. It is also indicated where without reason a woman is having a recurrent pregnancy loss. In these women the surrogate bears their baby by transfer of their embryo into her uterus.Eggs retrieved from the intending mother are fertilized with the partner’s sperm in the laboratory. The embryos are transferred into the uterus of a surrogate, who carries the pregnancy and gives birth to the baby. The baby is the biological child of the intended parents.

Did You Know?

About 750 babies are born each year using gestational surrogacy

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Frequently Asked Questions

Donors are provided by the donor agency. We match the donor according to height, weight, skin colour, eye colour and hair colour and other physical characteristics of recipient. 

We ensure proper tests and screening of the surrogate and her husband. All of our surrogates are volunteers and must be mothers themselves and capable of understanding the rigours of pregnancy and the risks of attachment. She has to be under 35 years of age with not more than 2 children delivered. We spend time on counselling the surrogate and her husband to ensure that they understand all aspects of the process. We make it essential for intending parents to meet the surrogate and interact with her. Only once they feel comfortable with her, we go ahead with the cycle. It is ensured that all legal paperwork is done in the format laid down by the government with a contract being signed by all involved parties. The surrogate’s, medical and psychological needs are looked after throughout the treatment

The treatment would start one month prior to your estimated month of IVF cycle. We would need to match the donor’s cycle with preparation of your endometrium. The preparation of the endometrium may take between 2-6 weeks. in many cases we can do them through e-mail communication if you are based outstation. The process involves stimulating the donor with an injection for 10-12 days followed by egg retrieval On the day of egg retrieval the sperm sample is collected from recipient’s husband. The egg and the sperms are fertilized in the lab and the recipient (patient) is called 2-3 days later to transfer the embryos

Any woman with a medical or genetic indication for using an egg donor can be a recipient, if there are no medical contraindications to pregnancy. The decision to use donor eggs is made in association with the patient and their reproductive endocrinologist (infertility specialist) after looking at the woman’s ovarian reserve. If ovarian reserve is poor or she is in premature ovarian failure then she would require a donor.

Unlike many infertility clinics, we do not require that donor egg recipients join a waiting list. Donor Egg IVF cycles can match one donor to one recipient (sole match). We do not share donors. She can begin treatment immediately and will not be required to wait for a donor. It is our goal to provide our patients with as many options as possible so they will not have to wait unnecessarily to begin treatment.

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