Success Stories

Dear surveen mam:
I remember this day in my life when I visited you for the first time.
The time was very scary as you were the last hope of my life . I came to you to know my success of becoming a MOTHER.
The last few years of my life were depressing as instead of so many tries I could not conceive. The depression had enrolled into me. I was thinking to part from my husband so that he can marry once again and can become father. The problem was only with me .. my Fallopian tubes were blocked. I visited doctors and they said there are very less chances of conceiving.
But the day I visited you.. my hopes were regained.. u were the first person who showed me a positive sign.
You said that my “all reports are good and I can go through IVF .. the chances are very good”.
I can’t describe that ray of hope entered into me and I became more hopeful. We went through the procedure and it was so smooth that I never felt that I m going through IVF ..
you have magic in your fingers … you are an angel sent by God on this earth to spread happiness in the life of hopeless couples..
Ma’am, you are a selfless person who have  devoted her life for people . The aura on your face describes your generosity.

With the blessings of God we conceived in our first attempt … and I am today blessed with a baby boy ! 

I thank you whole heartedly for everything ..for giving me this motherhood happiness which is awesome .. I pray for your well being every day when my baby smiles.
May God give you a long and blessed life !
Bestest wishes
E and R


Dear surveen mam:

From Cameroon, we thank you very much Dr. Surveen Ghumman Sindhu …
Our couple has waited a long time to have a child. Then one day we had the advice from a relative who suggested we go to India, because there was in this country plenty of good doctors in the field of fertility, and of these doctors, there were an extraordinary one.
We went to India in New Delhi, and got to know Dr. Surveen Ghumman Sindhu; everyone just calls Dr. Surveen … A frail woman, kind, smiling, encouraging, speaks with a soft voice without ever raising her voice, with specific questions. Upon contact, you feel that your health problem that has taken so many years and you are filled with so much despair is actually a small problem… She tells you and explains what you have with small drawings on a piece of paper, showing you where the problem is, and showing you what the solution will consist in, and how she will proceed … She gives you confidence and you just the feel as if you are with a longtime friend … She said what she will do and did what she said.
There was a unique attempt of fertilization, conducted with remarkable professionalism and we had to leave India to return to Cameroon. Dr. Surveen continued to support and to monitor us despite the distance. At the end we got a resounding success: pregnancy!
Nine months later we had a son. Dr. Surveen is a blessing for our couple… We think even have to leave to meet her again for a second pregnancy!
We decided to talk to all the people we meet and who may have the same problem, so they too talk about this around them. We want to say to all couples that somewhere in the world there is someone who can solve their fertility problems. Thank you very much Dr. Surveen.
We testimony that worldwide, all couples know that even in the deepest despair, there is hope with Dr. Surveen.




Dear surveen mam:

A genuine recognition of ur talent hopelessness is transformed into hopefullness. My wife is now 10 weeks pregnant , words cannot express our gratitude to u for the support and care that u have given to us. May GOD grant you all that you deserve and deserve to dynasties thrive on this miracle. Once again lot, many thanx.

From: Mr and Mrs mujib.
R/O: kashmir srinagar


Dear Dr. Surveen,

I hope you are fine and doing well.

First I want to thank you for all the help and support you did to complete my treatment in order to have a baby, I really do appreciate your guidance, dedication and patience throughout the time we have been in touch!

Please find attached testimonial letter for my successful treatment at Max, you may use this testimonial on the hospital website, but please make sure you do not disclose my name, you may only put my initials with it.

Thank you very much,


Dear Dr. Surveen,

I cannot thank you enough for all your wonderful caring and guidance. Your patience, during our appointment, in explaining in great detail all that we discussed gave me an incredible sense of assurance and support. Knowing that you were in charge made me feel that everything was going to be the best it could be. Your bedside manner is superb and tremendously appreciated amidst such a difficult process.

Words cannot express the depth of our gratitude to you, the nurses, embryologists and staff for giving us the gift of life. After one unsuccessful IVF cycle my confidence was waning but when I spoke with you, you told me that you were confident that we could proceed . I believed it then, and as I started by the protocol u told me.

Through the entire process we were guided by the excellent instructions by you and felt the good care of Max health system. It was a wonderful day when you said that the first trimester is successful and “released” me into OB care.

It is very clear that dr. Surveen cares enormously for her patients. She always responded immediately, keeping me posted on every development. I deeply valued her assistance and am very appreciative for all her caring help.

Dr. surveen, I would have loved have seen you to give you a big thank you hug. With the amazing work from you and your team.

From the bottom of my heart, I thank you all!!!

Dr. neha


“The Laughter of a Child is the Light of the Home” Dear Dr. Surveen, It is the dream and ultimate wish of every couple to have the joy of a child in their life. The pleasure of a child in our lives was a dream in waiting for ten long, agonizing years. After enduring the long journey of unsuccessful attempts to conceive the love of our life, we met you. A smiling and energizing persona radiating a fresh hope to us. It was your prompt and timely advice to go for an IVF procedure that made our day and life too!! And as God’s will would be, we are about to welcome the light of our home in a few months time. Adding to this immense joy is the fact that its a twin pregnancy and at the very first attempt. All this would not have happened without your professional expertise , caring and dedicated efforts. We are grateful and indebted to you and your team for all the support and care during the last one year of our struggle. As the days approach we thank and pray for the blessings in our life and hope you would be there with all your heart to help out couples like us and lead them to their home’s light, as you did for us. Best wishes to you and your team. Words are not enough to express our sincere gratitude……Still!!

Thanks a Million. “Never Loose Hope”
V & R

“Motherhood is the most invaluable possession in the nature.” Mother means the first preacher. I have attend for medical treatment so many medical institutional and i have take so many kinds medicine for getting our child, after that i go in Safdarjung Hospital Gyane Specialist for treatment and she suggest us for Max Hospital Dr. Surveen Guman Sindhu. It is through this institute “MAX MULTIPLE SUPER SPECIALITY HOSPITAL” my dreams of attaining motherhood have been fulfilled. For which I do not understand and have means to express my gratitude to them. There are no words, language by which I can express my happiness, gratitude. I am in a state of blissfulness. It has been past fifteen years after my married life and like every other woman, I too had dreams of attaining motherhood, which did not get fulfilled until I approached Dr. Surveen Madam. The instinct to procreate has been universal; it exists in all forms of life. Only in mankind this has evolved into an institute of marriage “It was because of her efforts, dedication and perseverance that has filled our lives with light made me a proud mother, thereby brining meaningfulness and fulfillment in my life as a woman.” To me she is like a deity, when worshipped gives boon in the form of children to the childless. I owe a lot to Dr. Surveen Madam. I don’t understand how to treat her for the gift she has given me. It is the most valuable gift which one can possess. She is the path of light and destination to many infertile couples. One should never forget her services rendered to infertile couples helping them to achieve their dream of parenthood.
(Save the girl child build the nation)
We special thank to Dr. Surveen Madam, for given us beautiful gift in our sad/ stopped life, and thank full to Max Hospital Team and staff for co-operate during the our treatment.
PAYING HEARTFELT GRATITUDE TO OUR ANGEL.Today, I felt how difficult it is to put real feelings into words……. A happy,lively,career -oriented,ambitious,self-motivating and highly spirited girl doesn’t qualify me to be fit enough in this big bad world as I was childless. Despite gathering all the luxuries and attaining best qualification ,securing high profile job in govt sector beating all odds,found myself ineligible and unhappy in the social strata.Full nine years, (108 months per say) of rigorous,utmost painful and  gruelling treatment at reknowned hospitals and clinics drained me out completely,physically and mentally. On top of that rounds to “Neem- Hakim”, “Jhaad-Phoonk”, “traditional methods” too were of no use. We felt we were being cheated as we were not gaining any satisfactory results despite spending lakhs of rupees.Well… was all over for both of us, when we chanced to meet,the SIMPLE,EVER LOVING, AFFECTIONATE ,Dr. SURVEEN GHUMMAN SINDHU. Her LOVING DEMEANOR and SOOTHING VOICE gave us the ever desired comfort to go ahead for any infertility treatment. We had long sessions with her,and she answered all our queries with lot of PATIENCE……..What was more appealing to us was her CLARITY OF THOUGHTS, SHOWING GREAT CARE and LISTENING PATIENTLY to us…..What’s etched more in my mind was that she’s even AVAILABLE on phone and on watsapp even at the  dead of the night or wee hours in the morning…..MY CALLS WERE ALWAYS ANSWERED. Being at the age of 32,and right at the onset of the treatment, after diagnosis n investigations……she informed that my egg reserve and quality was deteriorating and my better half being Oligospermic, the CHANCES WERE ONLY 5% …..I was aghast!… was quite alarming for me, for I was never been informed about such things in past……..

DR SURVEEN……words are not enough to thank you….GOD cannot be everywhere in person, thats why he has made ANGELS like you….You are actually the answer of many people’s prayers to God.

“YOU held my hand and helped me sail all along in turbulent tides and put me ashore safely and successfully”………………….

Your KINDNESS and GENEROSITY are always vouch for.

The HEART TO HEART CONNECT you made with us is not seen these days.

Me and my husband are all joyous to meet you

Dr Surveen,you’ve been a FRIEND,PHILOSOPHER and GUIDE for us. The COMFORT you gave to us during tough procedure of IVF TREATMENT WAS OVERWHELMING.

“Your BEST CARE and RIGHT DECISION at the RIGHT TIME helped us give our long awaited joy… our first LIL’ONE after our very FIRST IVF PROCEDURE……”

We both are INDEBTED and SPEECHLESS for your this act of KINDNESS.

As now, I M 4 MONTHS PREGNANT…Dear SURVEEN  Ma’am ,you are daily in our prayers and we have decided that if we will be blessed with a baby girl,we will name her after you as ” SWEEN”

Ma’am you are constantly in my prayers that your VIRTUOUS HANDS that created magic on me, will bless innumerable childless couple to fill their life with ultimate Joy…thank you from the bottom of our hearts…

Heartfelt Gratitude and Thanks,

I shailendra tiwari and madhu got married since 2007 and we are not expecting any baby.we had tried a lot but we didn,t suceed but when we meet dr.surveen, she suggested regarding IUI nd we go for treatment under her concern and finally we got a positive we r expecting a baby.thanx a lot to dr.surveen and her experienced skill.
Sailendra and Madhu
Dear Dr.Surveen
Date  12 Oct 2014Hello, Asalam u Allykum , May peace, mercy and blessing of  Allah be
upon all of you,I am writing this letter to thank you for the wonderful service.
By the Grace of Almighty & glorious ALLAH (SWT) our struggle came to an end after a long time of  period ( 6yrs& 2months)our life has become desperated since then, we were both depressed & insecure since long time. It is only by the mercy of ALLAH we got a chance to meet you. During the period of 6yrs we had lots of struggle & approached so many gynecologist but got no fruitful result. We tried 3 cycles of IUI but failed. we were very much disappointed from everywhere. Now our last & final option was IVF for that we  have selected some most renowned IVF Specialists from internet you were also one of them. We want a Dr. to whom we can discuss our case thoroughly & she is also ready to do so. In my case there were some points which were difficult to go in favor, these were as :-
1. My age factor
2. Decreased AMH value  (ovarian reserve)But we were not having any other option except IVF with the Grace of Almighty Allah(swt). So we tried to contact the list of DRs. we had prepared & start taking appointments with them. My husband  rang to you but you did not receive our phone so we thought you to be out of our list. But fortunately after some time we got a call from your number & u gave us the appointment on the same day evening. so we both prepared ourselves to meet you. As we reached to your clinic we discussed the case with you. you paid full attention & very calmly, interestly ,softly ,eagerly listen  our case & went through all my records dedicatedly.You explained us everything &  we decided to go for IVF as soon as we were booked.after meeting you we feel that you are the right Dr.for us, we were searching for. your kind heartedness, professionalistic  approach ,your cool mindedness impressed us very much, even  though we have not seen any doctor like you in our career and as being a medical professional (doctor) we have worked with so many doctors in India as well as out side the county but we have not seen a personality(doctor) like you.Our life become colorful when i did my first beta HCG after 15 days wait of embryo transfer ,that was my 1st attempt & we succeeded .I saw the joy & happiness in your eyes also that was unforgettable moment you were cherished with joy, after that was the time for my 1st scan when I visited you my gestational sac was 5weeks 2days without foetal pole. I was little bit nervous & confused .you adv. to repeat scan after 1 week & not to worry, but all of the sudden i got spotting on 2nd day of my scan, and again i was confused & worried then later i  underwent for next scan on next week it was quite ok and when you told me that everything is ok & there was nice heartbeat with gestational sac of 7 weeks, after that i was very happy, relaxed and was praying for you, and was thanking to Allah, Finally  Allah make you source for my pregnancy, we really appreciate your knowledge,talent,patience,and your  team work.We are very thankful to  Allah that we found a doctor like you,The other medical doctors should take a lesson from you, how you are behaving with the normal patients as well as the  patients who belong from your own profession and we are highly thankful to your team especially Anesthesia doctor (……………………..) and all paramedical staff who gave us a wonderful care during procedure and visits.Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! You have no idea how much all you have done means to me! You have been so patient and understanding through all of my phone calls, visits, etc.

I just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful care I received during my procedure. It’s nice to have a doctor who cares as much as you and is someone we can trust. Thank you for creating a wonderful
experience for us!

Thank you for your kind valuable support and thoughtfulness in our tough time. We are really thankful for ways you helped us and guided us through different phases. Thanking you for ways you helped us
overcome in time. Hope will meet you again very soon with love and affection.

with best regards
Dr.Humayra and Dr.Sheikh (Kashmiri)


Dear Doctor Surveen:

My husband and I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for everything that was done to help us achieve our dreams of having a child. Words cannot express our gratitude to you for the support and care that was given to us.

I have been meaning to write this letter to you for a very long time.  I came to you and was pregnant with twins after the first in vitro cycle, toady am 25 week pregnant women.  Mere words cannot express the gratitude I feel towards you for the wonderful gift and miracle you gave to my and husband.

I know that my opportunity could not have been there without you.  I honestly, truly, am thankful every day that you came into our lives and made this possible.  I have referred your name to many friends who have unfortunately faced the same difficulties that my husband and I faced in the past.  Your work continues to be a blessing and a miracle.

Thank you.  Thank you so very much for the work that you do and continue to do every day.  It has honestly made my life complete



Dear Dr Surveen

After many years of infertility we met you and on meeting you your positivity gave us instant hope. We put our trust in you and knew that somehow you would help us overcome this incredible battle. For the joy you have brought into our lives we would like to say thank you. Your kindness and positive attitude has helped us through this journey. You have always been available through the treatment for us. Above all your professional knowledge, skill and experience has given us our dream through IVF. You were able to guide us through this challenging time with honesty, hope and faith. We would like to say thank you for helping us with our dream!
Thanks & Regards

Chanchal and Varun Sharma


Dear Dr. Surveen,
Words cannot express enough how grateful we are for everything you’ve done for us.
I take this opportunity and write this e-mail as a token of thanks for what you have done to help us realize our dream.
I and My husband have been trying for the baby for about one and half year without knowing that conception through natural way was not possible in my case. You gave us hope with the knowledge of IVF procedure.
It is only through your encouragement balanced with patience efforts that I underwent the IVF procedure and is now 11 weeks pregnant.
We always felt we could ask any questions without feeling foolish and on several occasions we sought advice by phone; our queries were always dealt promptly, thoughtfully and empathically.
We would like to express tonnes and tonnes of thanks not only for your expert medical guidance, but also empathy and compassion you showed in our difficult times. You have always been a great personal support and our source of encouragement.
Thank you for your very patient explanations and genuine enthusiasm.
We feel very fortunate to have been under your care for our treatment. We always knew that we are in the best hands.
Many thanks to the IVF team as well. They are all very supportive and caring.
Kind regards,
Pratibha and Shailendra
You bring happiness and smile to people’s life.


We hv gt married frm 12years nd tried 3tymes iui from jaipur and 2 tymes ivf from agra than we heard about dr surveen and in first attempt i got my positive result. It is like a miracle thanku so much dr surveen. You are the best we are very thankful to you.

Mr. and Mrs. Vikas Jain


Dear Dr Surveen,

Firstly thanks a ton from us for your magical touch and blessings. We are falling short of words to express our happiness and gratitude for you. You have been a lot more than a doctor for us. You are an expert and master of what you do. I am sure its going to be a truly amazing experience with you till delivery and even better after that for lifetime.



Dear Dr Surveen,

We are writing this as a token of our gratitude and appreciation for Dr. Surveen Ghumman Sindhu’s efforts and guidance in helping us conceive our first child through IVF after 8 years of marriage and earlier failure. It is with heartfelt happiness that we inform that she achieved it for us in our very first attempt. Despite initial hiccups, she persisted with her efforts and was finally successful in giving us a positive result, for which we will always remain grateful to her.

Dr. Surveen has proved to be an ideal doctor and guide, being patient, warm and exuding positivity and hope. Best wishes to her.

Thank you.



Dear Doctor Surveen,

Being blessed with a child is God’s Miracle. And after 8 years of marriage without any child I lost my hopes and ran out of options. But with God’s grace we met you and you gave us a ray of hope.
Your hard work, experience, concern for your patients, Dr Surveen, is a gift others can’t compare Your patience, skilled hands, gentle touch and ability to see beyond is rare.
As I continue on with my fight in the journey of my life, I want to thank you for your contribution in making our future bright.
 success story
From a grateful patient and her husband
Mrs Preeti & Mr. Raman Chhabra
Vijay Nagar, New Delhi.
Patient who had undergone IVF treatment.


Thank You

Dr. Surveen



Thank you for helping us make what seemed an impossible dream come true. After years of trying I have conceived through IVF with your treatment

You were kind, sensitive helpful, and professional. Your encouragement and positivity made us feel we were in the right hands. Your knowledge and experience made us reach our dream

Your directness and honesty instilled a confidence in us that if there was something to worry about you would let us know. You were always available to answer all our questions and allay any fears

We don’t know how to thank you for everything you’ve done for us! we feel so lucky and so blessed to have you as our doctor! We had lost all hope. You gave that back to us! And for that we thank from the bottom of our heart…

Nilanjana & Ranadip


Dear Dr.Surveen,

                 Although we cannot describe it enough how appreciative we are, we wanted to write you a note to say thank you for giving us a chance to have a family. It has been a very long, trying journey for us; one that we could never have imagined, nor one that we would ever want anyone else to experience. We met you when we had lost all hope…you were an angel and gave promise of hope. It is important to us that you know we do not take what you have done for us lightly and we consider it a miracle that it can even be done at all. We only wish we could do the same for someone else. Since we cannot, we will make sure to return your act of kindness by loving our child always and making sure they know how precious life is. You are truly an example of good in the world and we will always remember how much you cared to make our dream come true. Your dedication and perseverance was inspiration to us at all times. You have made a difference in our lives and we thank you for your generosity and compassion.

Yours truly and aeternally grateful
Kunal and Roshni,