Egg, Oocyte & Sperm Donor Agency

Egg Donation

Usually preferred in cases like:

  • Age above 40
  • Premature ovarian failure
  • When the egg quality is not good.

In our clinic, one client gets one egg cell donor; this means that you receive all egg cells that are produced by a donor over all treatment period. We do not have a so called “egg sharing”, the distribution of donor’s egg cells between patients. All our donors are young and have 1 child at least, that is why infertility treatment with the help of egg cells donation has all chances for success.

Screening of an eligible donor is done with a transvaginal ultrasound for selection of good ovary to donate the eggs, Screening for viral infections, Sexually Transmitted Diseases, Thalassemia , blood group, Other comprehensive tests eg. Hormonal evaluation, blood sugar, complete haemogram, Rubella status and kidney and liver function tests.

Donors are usually anonymous provided by the agency. The donor is matched according to height, weight, skin color, eye color and hair color and other physical characteristics. The attempt would be to make the child look as similar to the parents.

The treatment would start one month prior to your estimated month of IVF cycle. We would need to match the donor’s cycle with preparation of your endometrium. The preparation of the endometrium may take between 2-6 weeks. in many cases we can do them through e-mail communication if you are based outstation. The process involves stimulating the donor with gonadotropin injection for10-12 days followed by egg retrieval On the day of egg retrieval the husband sperm sample is collected, the egg and the sperms are fertilized in the lab and the recipient (patient) is called 2-3 days later to transfer the embryos.

Indian , Caucasian , African or Mongolian Egg donors are provided for.

Sperm Donor

The indication of using Donor Sperm is Azoospermia (nil sperm count), Low sperm count, Failure of treatment of Male Factor Infertility, and Single women desirous of pregnancy. Donor Sperm is available from Donor banks. These sperms are obtained from young healthy men who have been medically tested and all infections ruled out. The sperm is matched with height, skin colour, eye colour, and any other desirous parameter.