Micro TESE for Azoospermia Treatment

Conception is possible now in men who have no sperms in ejaculate. In these men, sperms may be retrieved from the testes which, may have isolated foci of active sperm production, by aspiration or biopsy. A single sperm is then injected by a micro-needle into the egg under the microscope a process called intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI). Usually, for retrieval of sperms, multiple biopsy samples of the testis are taken (conventional TESE) and isolated foci of spermatogenesis are searched for in the IVF laboratory.

At present, in select advanced centers, this treatment has been replaced by microdissection TESE has done under the microscope where only microscopic tissue (tubule) is dissected out from areas with dilated seminiferous tubule, identified as having active spermatogenesis. Men with small testis must be given the option of microdissection to remove minimal tissue with higher chances of sperm retrieval, thus preventing further testicular insufficiency in already compromised testis.

Micro TESE for Azoospermia Treatment Delhi