Minimally Invasive Surgery for Infertility in Delhi

We do all types of minimally invasive surgery for infertility in Delhi. Laparoscopic removal of ovarian cyst, endometriosis or fibroid. Adhesiolysis where there are adhesions. Tubal reanastomosis and fibriplasty. Hysteroscopically we deal with intrauterine adhesions, polyp, myomas and congenital defect like septum. Ovarian drilling is done in PCOD cases. Hysteroscopic tubal cannulation is done The surgery is dealt with by expert hands here. The importance of getting these surgeries done from a fertility expert is that our main aim along with patient safety and good results is preservation of the reproductive organs. We ensure that ovarian tissue is preserved while removing a cyst this keeping the ovarian reserve intact so that they may respond to ovarian stimulation drugs. Similarly while doing a myomectomy we ensure that the uterine vaity is not damaged as this may later hamper fertility.