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Surrogacy helps those women who cannot bear a child due to medical reasons like an absent or scarred uterus. In these women another woman bears their baby by transfer of their embryo into her uterus Top surrogacy centre in India will have surrogate homes to house these surrogates throughout pregnancy. Success rates of surrogacy are high up to 60%. Surrogate mothers cost is high as the couple has to pay for the IVF cycle and the maintenance of surrogate through pregnancy. There are very a few surrogate centres in Delhi, India which provide a surrogate home.

It is important that the pregnant surrogate is looked after well. It is imperative to counsel the surrogate well so that she has a positive outlook during her pregnancy. The intending parents must meet the surrogate and interact with her. All her needs, medical and psychological must be looked after.

Eggs are retrieved from the intended mother are fertilized with the partner’s sperm in the laboratory. The embryos are transferred into the uterus of a gestational carrier, who carries the pregnancy and gives birth to the baby. The baby is the biological child of the intended parents. We have the agencies who provide surrogate mothers.  Surrogacy Cost in India is low as compared to surrogacy cost in western countries. The intended parents pay for the medical expenses associated with the pregnancy and delivery during the surrogacy.

The indications for surrogacy are listed below:

  • Absent uterus (congenital or surgical)
  • Abnormal uterus
  • Medical condition where pregnancy could be harmful to the mother
  • Failed IVF
  • Recurrent pregnancy loss

A Surrogate who would be young and has delivered not more than 2 children. She undergoes a transvaginal ultrasound, blood tests for hormonal evaluation, to rule out viral infections and sexually transmitted diseases. All of our surrogates are volunteers. These are women who seek us out themselves, who must pass medical examinations and demonstrate the support of a husband or other appropriate party. In addition, all of our surrogates must be mothers themselves and capable of understanding the rigors of pregnancy and the risks of attachment.

A legal contract is signed between both the parties before beginning the process of surrogacy in India at IVF India.

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