Vitrification, Frozen Embryo Transfer


In case there are excess embryos formed they can be preserved and used in the next cycle. The preservation is done by a rapid freezing technique where they are stored at -180 degrees C in liquid nitrogen cans. They are well preserved for years and can be used in the next cycle if the first is unsuccessful or for another pregnancy. This also brings the cost of the cycle down as injections for stimulation of ovary are not used in a frozen cycle and egg pickup is done as embryos are already formed.

Frozen Embryo Transfer Cycle

All the surplus embryos are Cryopreserved by Vitrification in this centre. These embryos will be frozen at extremely low temperature (-180°C), which ensures that they do not deteriorate over the number of years they are stored.These are then in subsequent cycle deposited in the uterus. Frozen Embryo cycle is a much easier cycle on the patient as she does not need to take any medication for production of eggs, she only needs to take much lighter medicines to prepare the uterus. An ultrasound scan is performed to assess the lining of the uterus to determine whether it is ready to receive the embryo. Once the lining is ready, embryos are thawed and transferred.There is no egg retrieval procedure and, the thawed embryos are transplanted into her uterus.

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