Low Cost IVF in Delhi | Know more about IVF Is Natural Cycle IVF Your Best Option

Is Natural Cycle IVF Your Best Option

Many factors come into play while making a decision on what kind of treatment to give – keeping in mind couples time commitment, medical need and financial factors. At The fertility Clinic – IVF Solutions we ensure the patient a minimum emotional, physical and financial burden without compromising on the pregnancy rate. However we leave the final decisions to the patient. Inorder to take an informed decision the patient has to have

IVF had started with natural cycle where a single egg was removed and embryo formed. Further advancements took place to better the result and controlled ovarian hyperstimulation was introduced for a better success rate. As when there are more eggs it is a higher success rate. To go back to natural cycle is in a way regressive unless it is important to avoid injections and medications

Considering that it is cost saving when we do a cost benefit analysis it is not that good. Since patient is paying for egg retrieval and lab fertilization and embryo transfer which form a major part of the expenditure in an IVF cycle. Besides this patient has to go through the frequent doctor visits, ultrasound monitoring, trigger injection and egg retrieval process. In addition one has a compromised success rate and hence possibility of more cycles and expenditure.

Besides this there are no embryos for freezing. A frozen cycle could have been done without any injections and egg retrieval.

Success rates:

We at The Fertility Clinic – IVF Solutions strongly believe it is unjustified.

Before one chooses a best IVF treatment in Delhi it is important to go through every detail – specially success rates, whether there are embryos which can be preserved. The financial and emotional commitment in each cycle. What is the most important thing for a person undergoing IVF. – Take home baby rate. How well does the procedure you select perform on pregnancy rate.

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