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Age and Infertility

Age directly impacts the success rates in many ways. As the body ages there are changes in the reproductive tract which may alter the response of ovary, quality of egg and sperm or implantation Impact of age on Eggs: Eggs can decrease in both quality and quantity Quantity of eggs:

Everything You Need To Know About Sperm Motility

Sperm motility is the movement of the spermatozoa. Motility is important for the sperm to move forward and fertilize the egg. For this sperm has to be not just motile but be able to move forward at a considerable speed. Hence motility is graded into 4 grades A: Progressively motile:

Is the COVID Vaccine safe for fertility treatment

FAQs on COVID Vaccination and Fertility treatment

Since the vaccination came in for COVID 19 various questions have been raised regarding its use infertility treatment. The use of the vaccine during pregnancy has been limited hence no large studies have been done. However evidence is pointing to more benefits than risk in these situations. All women and