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Male Infertility Treatment: How to Ensure Best Chances of Success

Male Infertility is increasing in incidence and the male partner is becoming more responsible for causing infertility. Over last 3 decades sperm counts have fallen significantly and this is due to lifestyle changes, obesity, smoking, poor diet, pollutants and stress. How can you improve the results of your treatment? Lifestyle changes: 1. Diet: A diet

Things To Know About Fertility Clinics And Treatments

Why you need to go to a fertility Clinic when there is difficulty in getting pregnant for over a year if woman is under 35 years of age or 6 months if above 35 or semen test is abnormal. The fertility clinic would be able to treat you as a couple in contrast to you

Surrogacy – To The Rescue of Patients Suffering From Infertility

Surrogacy is a boon to those couples who are unable to bear their own genetic child. In couples where the uterus is absent because of genetic causes or because it required removal surrogacy is the only option to have your own genetic child. Women who have severe health conditions like uncontrolled hypertension or diabetes kidney