Surrogacy - To The Rescue of Patients Suffering From Infertility

Surrogacy – To The Rescue of Patients Suffering From Infertility

Surrogacy is a boon to those couples who are unable to bear their own genetic child. In couples where the uterus is absent because of genetic causes or because it required removal surrogacy is the only option to have your own genetic child. Women who have severe health conditions like uncontrolled hypertension or diabetes kidney disease or heart disease where pregnancy is a health hazard, it can be carried out in a surrogate.

Recent bill in cabinet bans surrogacy. However this would take away hope from many infertile couples who have the above conditions. The rights of surrogate are important and surrogacy needs regulation. Banning surrogacy is not regulating it.

Traditional surrogacy – where the egg also comes fro surrogate is not allowed in India as there is a genetic link of child with surrogate which later may cause complications. Gestational surrogacy is better as the egg is not from surrogate.

How do you find a surrogate?

A surrogate may be related or known to the couple. They can bring her forward and required formalities for surrogacy. Alternatively a surrogate agency can be asked to provide a surrogate.

Screening of surrogate:

  • Surrogate must be young 23 years to 35 years.
  • She must be healthy – no medical problem like diabetes, high blood pressure, anemia
  • Blood group should be positive
  • No previous uterine surgery – like caesarean, myomectomy
  • Should have borne one child with no antenatal or intrapartum complications
  • Tested for HIV, Syphilis hepatitis B & C
  • Psychological assessment – On whether surrogate is mentally prepared for the process

Should Surrogacy be Banned ? – The recent proposal to ban surrogacy has created many controversies. All surrogate mothers need compensation and in many places this was not done. In order to avoid advantage being taken the proposal to ban surrogacy is put forward. However it would be better to regulate surrogacy and continue procedure under strict ethical guidelines. Surrogacy gives hope to many who are unable to have a baby. Altruistic surrogacy should be encouraged so that only genuine cases which need medical help are done.

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  1. Many people are unaware of this process. They think that if their uterus is in bad condition then they cannot conceive. This type of blogs help those people to think and take decision about this treatment. very important information.

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