Things To Know About Fertility Clinics And Treatments

Why you need to go to a fertility Clinic when there is difficulty in getting pregnant for over a year if woman is under 35 years of age or 6 months if above 35 or semen test is abnormal. The fertility clinic would be able to treat you as a couple in contrast to you going to the gynecologist and your husband to a urologist. You would require the services of a specialised doctor

How would you identify a correct infertility clinic.

1. Start with your doctors experience. How long has he/she been in the fied and if they have done sufficient cases to give a good experience. Look through the reviews.

2. Embryologist and lab personnel – Have they been in the clinic long enough to show that the clinic has a good work environment and ethics. This will reflect in the work. Besides this it is important to see that the clinic has a qualified and experienced embryologist.

3. What kind of procedures are done in IVF laboratory – It is important that the laboratory has the facilities for all procedures and individualizes treatment as indicated. All advanced procedures and equipment must be available.

4. Success rates – It is important to see the success rates of the IVF laboratory. These may be taken from website reviews or sometimes they are given in the laboratory ratings in various surveys.

5. Following ethics and government regulations – The clinic should follow all ethical and government guidelines. If they follow an upper and lower age limit they do ethical work. If they have a limit to number of embryos put they are regulating their work.

6. Quality control – Check if the clinic displays their quality control measures. Ask for VOC and particulate count

7. Clinical parameters to measure outcome of laboratory – Ask about fertilization rate, blastocyst rate, implantation and pregnancy rates, Cryosurvival rate ie survival after embryo freezing and thawing.

8. How much time the doctor spends in counseling, explaining procedure success rates and consents.

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