How to Improve Your IVF Rates

Besides medical therapy there are certain lifestyle changes which may help you to improve the chances of success. Many questions about IVF remain unanswered – what works and what doesn’t? Why did IVF fail? Why did pregnancy end in abortion? There are many times no scientific explanations specially when everything looks good – grade 1 embryos are inserted with a perfect endometrium and yet the cycle fails. Hence, a look beyond pharmaceutical interventions is worthwhile.

1. Diet: A good nutritious diet with plenty of antioxidants and can help improve the quality of egg, sperm and endometrium

2. Aqua puncture: There are studies which have shown that aquapuncture may have an impact on fertility and may enhance success rates. It should be done on the morning of transfer and subsequently for a week. Other therapies to reduce stress like hypnosis, yoga etc can be tried

3. Meditation: This helps in clearing the mind and reducing stress. Stress has been directly linked to success of IVF.

4. Antioxidants: It is good for both partners to take antioxidants like Vit E & C , Coenzyme Q 10 , Lycopene. Minerals like Zn Magnesium

5. Communication between Partners: It is very important for partners to communicate and express their emotions . They should spend enough time with each other. Specially women often feel alone in the procedure and it is very important for a man to assure her that they are both in it together

6. Alcohol and Smoking: Both should be avoided. Smoking decreases egg reserve and hampers sperm quality thus affecting results. This should be stopped. Alcohol also adversely affects sperm quality

7. Take time off: In a busy work schedule getting an IVF can be very stressful. If the woman feels she cannot cope up she must take a break from work. Bed rest is not recommended but she can take things easy.

8. Good IVF Lab: Ensure that the lab you are being treated at gives good results and has strict quality control. The lab environment which affects the embryo growth must be periodically monitored. So it is important to go to the best IVF Centre /clinic.

9. Experienced Embryologist: It is very important that the embryologist handling eggs and sperms is experienced as it directly impacts the success rates of the cycle

10. Best IVF Doctor: Look for a good IVF specialist. An experienced who follows ethical , evidence based reproductive medicine

11. Maintain an optimum weight: In case women is overweight aerobic exercises , diet control and weight loss are recommended. An optimum weight helps in making ovaries more responsive at lower doses.

12. Exercise: It is important to exercise not just to loose weight but to decrease stress. Exercise removes stress through release of endorphins ( the ‘feel Good Hormones’).

13. Maintain a good sperm health: The male partner must have a diet rich in antioxidants, Obesity must be removed as it negatively impacts male hormones responsible for sperm production. He must quit smoking.

14. Be persistent and do not give up: Failure of cycle is possible in IVF and there may be no pregnancy. It is important to understand that many things in IVF are beyond the control of you and even your doctor as nature plays a big role in fertilization and subsequent development of embryo and its implantation and growth in the uterus. Many of these factors are beyond human control. However the more persistent you are after a failure the more likely you are to succeed. Since we have little control on outcomes it is better to sit back and relax

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