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Chances of Getting Pregnant with IVF

The chances of getting pregnant with IVF depend on many factors 1. Age of woman and her ovarian reserve: After the age of 40 years the chance of getting pregnant is low even with IVF.2. Sperm count and quality3. Presence of diseases like PCOS, endometriosis,4. Quality and grade of embryo5.


How to Improve Your IVF Rates

Besides medical therapy there are certain lifestyle changes which may help you to improve the chances of success. Many questions about IVF remain unanswered – what works and what doesn’t? Why did IVF fail? Why did pregnancy end in abortion? There are many times no scientific explanations specially when everything

Male Infertility Treatments in Delhi

Male Infertility Cure & Treatment – Some Tips on How to Improve Fertility in Men

Male infertility is on the rise and now accounts for nearly 40% of causes. There are many factors leading to a low sperm count and treatment can be divided into lifestyle changes, pharmaceutical intervention and surgery Lifestyle changes: i. Weight loss: Obesity is associated with low sperm counts as there

Embryo Transfer

Embryo Transfer

Embryo transfer is the final and most important step of IVF. If not performed in an appropriate setting with prerequisites in place by the right person it can lead to failure of an IVF cycle. Prerequisites Assessment of Endometrium( Uterus lining) It is essential for the lining of the endometrium

Artificial Insemination

Artificial Insemination

Artificial insemination is the introduction of sperm in the uterus or the cervix. Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) is a process by which sperms are prepared and deposited in a woman’s uterus through artificial means. Artificial insemination can be with Husband’s or partner’s semen Donor semen: First in 1884 Steps of IUI

IVF Treatment and Cost Analysis

IVF Treatment and Cost Analysis

IVF is an expensive procedure and it causes a significant economic burden. The cost is because it requires stringent quality control, only specific media which have had animal testing for no toxicity, and precise instrumentation. It also requires highly skilled manpower to make it a successful program. Any IVF center

Low Sperm Count Signs & Treatment

Low Sperm Count Signs & Treatment

Male infertility is on the rise. It has been seen that sperm count and motility is affected by a number of factors. A thorough history of the patient may unveil some of the factors. Low Sperm Count Diagnosis The condition is diagnosed on semen analysis when the count is less

Factors Affecting Success of IVF

Factors Affecting Success of IVF

IVF has been practised for the past 40 years, yet we have been unable to get a success rate of 100%. This is because there are a number of a factor which comes into play to determine the outcome of an IVF cycle. The two main clinical factors are The

IVF Treatment that converts Impossible into Possible

Today, we discuss how people start to think something is impossible. Actually, it is in human nature. If on repeatedly trying anything we fail, we start to think it is impossible. This happens on many occasions in different situations. One such situation is, in the case of IVF if a

Infertility Treatments for Early Menopause | IVF in Delhi

Fertility Options & Pregnancy in Early Menopause or Premature Ovarian Failure

Introduction: Menopause is the natural cessation of ovarian function when estrogen production decreases and menstruation ceases. Normally, menopause occurs between 42 and 56 years of age. However, approximately one per cent of women under the age of 40 develops early menopause, also called premature ovarian failure (POF). The Female Reproductive


Steps of In vitro fertilization (IVF)

By Dr. Surveen Ghumman Sindhu: In vitro fertilization (IVF) is an assisted reproductive technique that involves fertilization of the oocyte (egg) by sperm outside of the woman’s body. The embryos are cultured in sterile plastic dishes. IVF was initially developed for patients with absent or damaged fallopian tubes. It is

Blastocyst Culture in IVF – Why it Should be Done ?

By Dr. Surveen Ghumman Sindhu: Before blastocyst culture started IVF embryos were transferred at day 2 or day 3. However in recent years blastocyst culture media was introduced and it made it possible to grow the embryos upto day 5 outside the body. What is a blastocyst? Usually a day